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As is vividly depicted in the picture(s), __图画主题__ is a contemporary social issue in China of common interests and permanent value. There is/are __人物__ who is/are doing something + __形容TA的行为__. To our surprise/excitement, __补充描述1__. __补充描述2__ think(s) that ______. Obviously, the phenomenon as the focus of public concern mainly results from its profound influence on individuals, collective and even the whole world.


Here is a clear chart in which we can see __图表标题翻译__. According to the figures, the number of __变量1__ experienced a sharp growth/ decline from __数字__ to __数字__ in __数字__ years. Meanwhile, there was a gradual rise/ fall in the number of __变量2__ to __终点数字__. Clearly, the chart indicates a situation that __一句话总结图表趋势__.


过渡句:Simple as it is, what the picture/chart conveys to us is thought-provoking.

分析句1(经济发展与竞争加剧):With the development of economy and society, competition is becoming increasingly fierce. It is impossible for anyone to finish a task perfectly and adequately without ______. Hence, people in mounting numbers put great emphasis on ______.

分析句2(个人能力):In fact, it has been universally acknowledged that the ability of______ is the most essential qualification that anyone who wants to achieve success should possess. ______ is crucial for every individual. With its seemingly magic power, it can not only accelerate better individual’s development, but serve as an efficient instrument for individuals to change the world.

分析句3(物质和精神满足之后个人实力与发展):Gradually enriching human material and spiritual wealth, _______ eventually contributes to individual development, economic prosperity and social harmony. Where there is ______ better, there are more hopes, vitality and development. Hardly can anyone reach goals and achieve success in his career without ______. As competition in all lines of work grows increasingly fierce, we must defeat our rivals through.

分析句4(主题现象充斥于生活方方面面):______ are nothing strange for us, because increasingly more argumentations about them can be found in TV programs, newspapers, university classes and many aspects of our everyday life. People always confront the dilemma of choosing whether ______ or not.

分析句2(分析现象与其他事物之间的联系):We can never separate ______ from______, because they two have close but complicated relationship. ______ and______ are equally important, they are complementary with each other and mutually influenced. There is no doubt that all trades and professions all realize the inevitabilities of ______ and understand the importance of ______.

分析句3(根本原因分析--提高产业效率不是唯一目标):On one hand, in some sense, ______is the foundation of ______. However, improving the industrial efficiency is not the only or ultimate aim.

分析句4(人们要理性选择):Thus, it is quite rational for average people to choose ______ because of the obvious reason that ______ is closely associated with our life.

分析句5(举个例子):On the other hand, ______ provides support and insurance for ______.


总结全文:Accordingly, it is imperative for us to take some measures to enhance the ability/ spirit/ virtue/ quality/ sense of ______ in our society.

建议措施1(牢记重要性):We should bear in mind that ______is of great significance to both our society and ourselves.

建议措施2(坚定信念投身行动):To cultivate ______, we must establish a firm faith and get ready to devote ourselves.

建议措施3(呼吁政府立法):We should appeal to authorities concerned to establish some regulations to prohibit enterprises and people from making such misdeeds.

建议措施4(人民有态度):People should get ready to pass criticism upon such misdeeds anytime and anywhere.

建议措施5(行动才有意义):It is necessary to develop oursociety by performing hard work instead of talking nonsense.

建议措施6(家长要引导):And also parents (schools) shouldgive proper advice to their children (students) to form a proper outlook of theworld.

总结句(只有这样人们才能实现梦想,社会才能和谐安定):Only in this way can people fulfill their ambition and can our society become more harmonious to live in.





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